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  Meet the University of Iowa

University of Iowa
HDSA Center of Excellence
1-305 Medical Education Building
Iowa City, 52242

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Our aim as the University of Iowa HDSA Center of Excellence is to strengthen the relationship between clinical treatment and research for individuals affected by Huntington's disease. We take an innovsative approach to integrating clinical services, education, outreach and research opportunities. We feel combining these elements is an efficient way to benefit individuals with HD in a personal way as well as advance scientific efforts in the field of HD research. Our dedication is to our patients, research volunteers and their families.

HSG Investigators

Jane Paulsen, PhD



     Eric Epping, MD, PhD                     Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, MD



 Peggy Nopoulos, MD                 Robert Rodnitzky, MD

HSG Coordinators


   Stephen Cross, BA                   Shawna Feely, MS, CGC



   Mycah Kymble, BA                   Pat Ryan, MSW, LISW


Jacky Walker

If you are interested in participating in a trial,  please contact the following person:

2CARE, Jacky Walker, phone, 319-353-4537

PREDICT-HD, Anne Leserman, phone, 319-353-4307