Meet the Baylor College of Medicine

HDSA Center of Excellence at Baylor College of Medicine
6550 Fannin Street #1801
Houston, Texas 77030

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The primary missions of the PDCMDC are to: 1. provide the most professional and compassionate patient care, 2. initate and conduct clinical and basic research which upholds the highest scientific standards, and 3. train physicians and other health care professionals to become skilled in the recognition and treatment of parkinson's and other movement disorders and to inspire them to pursue basic or clinical research in the area of movement and neurodegenerative disorders.

Meet the Baylor College of Medicine team!


 HSG Investigators


              Joseph Jankovic, MD               Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, MD


  Mary Ann Thenganatt, MD

HSG Coordinators

         Christine Hunter, RN, CCRC                   Erica Thomas-Smith       


 If you are interested in particiating in a trial, please contact the following person:
CREST-E, Christine Hunter, phone, 713-798-3951

PREDICT-HD, Christine Hunter, phone, 713-798-3951