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  Reach2HD - ongoing, but no longer recruiting participants...


A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study to Assess the Safety and Tolerability, and Efficacy of PBT2 in Patients with Early to Mid-Stage Huntington Disease

Prana Biotechnology has released the following press release announcing results from Reach2HD.
What is the Reach2HD Trial?

The Reach2HD Trial is a Phase II clinical research trial to determine in patients with clinical features of Huntington disease (HD) whether an investigational drug called PBT2 is safe and tolerable at a dose of 100 mg and 250 mg per day versus placebo and to determine whether or not there is an effect on cognitive (thinking) abilities. The study will also look at whether PBT2 will affect other HD symptoms including motor (movement) and overall functioning of people with HD when taken over a period of 6 months.

Who is running the Reach2HD Trial?

The Reach2HD Trial is being conducted by the Huntington Study Group (HSG) under the direction of Ray Dorsey, MD, Principal Investigator (Johns Hopkins University) and Diana Rosas, MD co-Principal Investigator (Massachusetts General Hospital). Approximately 17 HSG research sites across the United States and Australia will enroll about 100 individuals.  The study is sponsored by Prana Biotechnology Limited (Prana). 

What is PBT2?

Research has shown that certain normally occurring metals in the brain play a significant role in diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and more recently, Huntington disease (HD). Researchers at Prana Biotechnology Limited (the study Sponsor) are identifying drugs designed to interrupt interactions between these metals and target proteins in the brain, to prevent deterioration of brain cells. One of the chemical compounds, called PBT2, has shown in animal models, and as well as in a small group of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, that it may improve cognition (thinking abilities). There is some indication in animal models of HD, that the drug may improve motor function and control, increase life span and reduce the amount of brain cell degeneration. Based on these results, Prana is investigating whether the drug will have similar effects with HD patients.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the Reach2HD Trial?

People who answer “yes” to the following may be able to join the Reach2HD Trial:

  •  Do you have early to mid-stage Huntington disease?

  •  Are you at least 25 years old?

  •  Do you have a study partner who can come with you to some of the research visits?

  • Are you able to take oral medications?

How can I learn more about the Reach2HD Trial?
It’s easy!

You can contact the HSG directly:
Toll-free number: 1 (800) 487 7671 (North America) or 1 (800) 794-669 (Australia)
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