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  First-HD & ARC-HD Site List

Detailed site information will be made available as sites are activated.  Please contact the HSG for more information or to express your interest in participating at a trial in or near a city listed below.  Click here to see a map of the sites in the U.S. and Canada. All the sites listed below are First-HD sites (for persons who have not taken tetrabenazine in the past six months); the sites indicated with an X are also participating in the ARC-HD trial which is intended for persons currently taking tetrabenazine.


Also Enrolling Current Tetrabenazine users (ARC-HD)

Site Name



 United States

 Birmingham, Alabama

X University of Alabama at Birmingham Jenna Smith 205-975-0338  

 Fayetteville, Arkansas

X Washington Regional Medical Center Mary Craff 479-463-7856

 Los Angeles, California

  University of California, Los Angeles Brian Clemente 310-794-1225

 Englewood, Colorado

X Rocky Mountain Movement Disorders Center Christina Reeves 303-357-5447

 Washington, District of Columbia

  Georgetown University Hope Heller 202-444-0816

 Gainesville, Florida

  University of Florida

Stacy Merritt


 Miami, Florida

  University of Miami Nathalie Padron 305-243-3530

 Atlanta, Georgia

  Emory University Elaine Sperin 404-728-4786

 Iowa City, Iowa

  University of Iowa Jacky Walker 319-353-4537 jacky-walker@uiowa.edu

 Kansas City, Kansas

  University of Kansas Carolyn Gray 913-588-6983

 Wichita, Kansas

X Hereditary Neurological Disease Centre

Gregory Suter

 Baltimore, Maryland   Johns Hopkins University Gregory Churchill 410-955-1349

 Boston, Massachusetts

  Boston University Denyse Turpin  617-638-7736

 St. Louis, Missouri

  Washington University School of Medicine Patricia Deppen  314-362-8548

 Durham, North Carolina

X Duke University Peggy Perry-Trice   919-684-0865

 Camden, New Jersey

  Cooper University Hospital
Cory Hackmyer  856-342-2460

 New Brunswick, New Jersey

  Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Debbie Caputo 732-235-7945  

 Las Vegas, Nevada

  University of Nevada School of Medicine Shamine Poyner 702-671-5093

 Albany, New York

  Albany Medical College Sharon Evans  518-262-6682

 New York, New York

X Columbia University

Ronda Clouse


 Columbus, Ohio

  Ohio State University Allison Daley 614-688-8672  

 Houston, Texas


Baylor College of Medicine

Christine Hunter


 Salt Lake City, Utah

  University of Utah Paola Wall  801-581-4543

 Kirkland, Washington

  Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Care Center Julissa Leon  425-899-5370