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  Huntington Disease Research and Clinical Trials

Clinical researchers worldwide make up the Huntington Study Group (HSG). HSG members care for Huntington disease (HD) patients and families and work diligently to combat this disease. New clinical trials for HD are currently enrolling or being launched in 2013.  Visit our web site for regular updates. Our mission is to seek treatments that make a difference for Huntington disease. Learn more about becoming an HSG Research Site.

  News & Events

April 2014

The HSG held a pivotal election this March, nominating new leadership to the HSG Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Please click here to see the exciting results.

February 2014

Prana Releases Successful Phase 2 Results in HSG Trial Reach2HD

Prana Biotechnology released promising results from its phase 2 study of PBT2 in individuals with mild to moderate Huntington disease, Reach2HD. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 104 (95%) of 109 study participants completed the 26-week study on one of the three study arms – PBT2 250mg daily, PBT2 100mg daily, or placebo. Serious adverse events were more common in those on active drug (nine) than on placebo (one), but only one was deemed by site investigators to be related to study drug.

Please click the following link for that exciting press release.

We are so pleased to announce the 7th edition of HD Insights™ digital periodical.  The mission of the of HD Insights™ is to promote, disseminate, and facilitate research in Huntington disease by producing informative content that will be valuable to the global community of HD researchers in academia and industry.
Prana Biotechnology has released the following press release announcing results from Reach2HD, a clinical research trial run in collaboration with the Huntington Study Group.
  Current HD Research Studies and Clinical Trials - Call 800-487-7671 to learn more


SD-809 ER (Auspex Pharmaceuticals)

SD-809 ER is an investigational study drug developed by Auspex Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of chorea. First-HD and ARC-HD are Phase III clinical trials that are currently enrolling. Both studies are evaluating SD-809 ER’s safety, tolerability and effectiveness in reducing chorea.

First-HD is designed for subjects who have not taken tetrabenazine in the past 6 months.

ARC-HD is for subjects who are currently taking tetrabenazine or those who participated in First-HD.

All participants are eligible for reimbursement of travel and lodging costs.  Participants in ARC-HD may be eligible to receive at no cost the study drug and medical supervision for up to 12 months.


CREST-E: A global, multi-center, clinical trial run in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital investigating the effects of creatine monohydrate on the progression of Huntington disease, led by Dr. Steven Hersch.


PREDICT-HD 2.0 - Observational research study for at-risk gene positive, pre-symptomatic, and gene negative tested individuals, with headquarters at the University of Iowa, under the leadership of Dr. Jane Paulsen.

On-going HSG Research Studies & Clinical Trials (ENROLLMENT COMPLETED)

Reach2HD - A clinical research trial investigating the effects of PBT2 on invidividuals with early to mid-stage Huntington disease, led by Ray Dorsey of Johns Hopkins University and Diana Rosas of Massachusetts General Hospital.

2CARE: A multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial led by Merit Cudkowicz, Michael McDermott, and Karl Kieburtz, assesing the effects of coenzyme Q10 on inviduals with mild-to-moderate Huntington disease.

PREQUEL: A clinical trial investigating the safety and tolerability of coenzyme Q10 for individuals with pre-manifest Huntington disease, led by Dr. Christopher Ross (John Hopkins University) and co-led by Dr. Kevin Biglan (University of Rochester).

  Save the Date
2014 HD Clinical Research Annual Conference and Symposium

Annual Conference: November 6-8, 2014

Symposium: Saturday, November 8, 2014 (Morning)

Family Education Day: Satuday, November 8, 2014 (Afternoon)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

  HD Reach


The HSG is working in close collaboration with HD Reach, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting patients and families in North Carolina affected by HD to access medical care and resources necessary to manage HD, on plans for HSG 2013. Please see their website for additional information on what this organization has to offer.

  Huntington's Disease Society of America

The HSG works in close collaboration with the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) in order to improve the lives of those affected by HD. Be sure to follow this link to visit the HDSA website.

  HD Buzz

For the latest HD research news, please visit our partners at HD Buzz!